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People and experiences that have an impact on us are telling us a story.  A story about ourselves and our lives.  In order to understand what the story is revealing, we need to know what questions to ask.

Without an inquiring heart and mind, there is little possibility in knowing ourselves or anyone else.  For within each question, lies an opportunity to open wider the doors to self-revelation.

Carolyn Gervais, M.S., C.Htp.
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Author Carolyn Gervais
immediately hooks the reader's attention
by revealing the profound philosophical questions she, as a young child, asked her grandfather.  These questions had to do with the reasons for human existence on earth.  I really appreciated the author's biographical stories and I like the way the author explores reality and illusion. --

"Judge, Writer's Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards"

Is life real or imagined?
Is there a difference?

How do we evolve as spiritual beings when we are addicted to the physical world?

If we are trapped in the dream of this Earthly dimension, how do we awake from the dream?

"I Dreamed I Was Human: Awakening from the Illusion" takes the reader on a mind-riveting journey through the ethereal realm of metaphysical-spirituality and makes down-to-earth practical sense of it all
Carolyn covers such subjects as; how our beliefs and perceptions hold us hostage, consciously experiencing alternate realities, the true nature of reincarnation, the many ways our ego commits murder, finding the balance between needing and wanting and the reality of positive thinking. 

She also openly shares personal life experiences which provide dramatic examples of how the unseen realm is not out there somewhere, separate from our lives, but an integral part of

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About Me

I have been a student of "metaphysical-spirituality" for over 30 years.  As a young child my yearning to understand why we were here on Earth, was and still is a constant.  As a child, when I looked into the eyes of someone, whether I knew them or not... I could see their innocence, feel their love and their anger; their joy and their sadness. 

A strong yearning to understand why became such a need, that I would continuously drive the adults in my life crazy with questions as to why God made people and put them here on Earth.  I was told that God didn't want us to know the answers to such questions, but some part of me knew, even at the age of eight... that answer was not acceptable.  I was bound and determined that I would ask God all my questions until he answered them.

What I found out is that the answers keep expanding as we grow in awareness.  With that expansion, the questions become deeper, more intricate and more abstract, as do the answers.  That is what stretches our awareness.

I have spent my life in search of those answers and many more.  My inquiring mind has taken me into many aspects of study and experimentation... areas that pertain to the deeper meaning and purpose of the body, mind, soul and spirit.
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