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Life Before Life:
How Soul Agreements Direct Our Destiny

Published by Soul Odyssey Books, a division of MPM, Micro Publishing Media, Inc.

What force sets life events in motion and puts us on our soul’s destined course?   Are lives preordained for specific outcomes; are we just along for the ride?  
How do we participate in our true destinies without blocking our own way?

In “Life Before Life: How Soul Agreements Direct our Destiny” you will be able to examine these and other important questions through illustrations taken from what I consider to be my very significant mystical journey, as well as real examples of my client resolutions.

I know there is without a doubt,  an energy experience our soul directs as it guides us into what comes next, in the life we call now.

During the life before our conscious life, our soul connects with other souls, making agreements, which will mutually activate and orchestrate the awakening of each other's awareness and purpose during our human sojourn together.

In Life Before Life you will learn how each soul acts as an internal navigation system, working with us through our free will to direct our life along the path of our true destiny.

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And watch a short video below to find out how soul agreements show up in all our lives.

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